Substance Abuse

Situations that contribute to teens losing the battle with alcohol and drugs include freedom, availability of the substance, an invitation to try it and peer pressure.

Three Reasons Why The Combination of Teens and Substance Abuse is a Terrible Idea!

Teens have an advanced vulnerability to chemical dependence.

Teens are certainly more vulnerable than adults because of social pressure, the availability of drugs and having an underdeveloped frontal lobe. In addition, they appear to have an enhanced vulnerability to chemical dependence.

Drugs have a greater toxicity in adolescents, not to mention the increased risk-taking behaviours in peer jousting. From the liver to the kidneys, it is clinically shown that the adolescent body cannot metabolize medications, drugs and alcohol as rapidly as adults.

Brain imaging also shows that the frontal lobes of young adults do not fully mature until the age of 21-24 years. This is a significant concern when we realize that the frontal lobes are the ‘executive function’ part of the brain. This is where all the decision-making, risk assessments, planning, and impulse control reside. An underdeveloped frontal lobe is more at risk of poor decision making.

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