Bullying is more common than we think. Often people bully because they see someone as different. Of course, what most of us see as unique the bully might see as different. Fitting in is JOB ONE in a teenís universe. This difference can relate to oneís skin colour, physical appearance, culture, religion, intelligence, learning disability, sexual orientation or just being new to the school. Bullying can leave a teen anxious or even terrified to go to school or to be with others. It is teenage terrorism! And it can emotionally traumatize any teen, no matter how mature we think they are. The chief weapon of bullies is to divide, isolate, terrorize then conquer.

When teens have been bullied they often internalize their trauma. Counselling with a teen professional can help them process their ordeal and teach them assertive communication and conflict skills.

Teen texting: Help your teen avoid the risks

If you are not concerned about your teenís texting Ė think again. For many teens, text messaging has become an essential way to communicate. A lack of maturity can get your teen into trouble when texting though.

Teen Texting - After Hours

It is a fact that teens are texting in the middle of the night! So much so that it is interfering with their much needed sleep, especially if it is emotionally upsetting. This can lead to issues such as difficulty falling asleep, poor sleep quality and daytime sleepiness.

Negotiate with your teen to establish reasonable hours for texting, such as no texting after 10 p.m. on school nights. To enforce the rule you might have to keep your teen's phone out of his or her room at night.

Be aware of cyber-bullying

Cyber-bullying refers to sending harassing texts, emails or instant messages, as well as posting intimidating or threatening content on websites or blogs. Many teens are more courageous and often offensive behind a smart phone. Cyber-bullying affects teens greatly, especially when messages can be sent in seconds to their entire school. This makes gossiping sound like childís play. The Internet is very powerful. It can help teens but can also hurt them very badly.

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